How To Know That The Course You Are Studying in University is Not Marketable


There is nothing as demoralizing as learning that the course you are studying in college will not take you anywhere. It is so painful to discover that you are wasting your mental energy on a diploma or degree course that will frustrate you in your entire life.

Having witnessed so many graduates with good qualifications but desperate to get even the lowest paying jobs, I feel that I should give you a hint on how to know that the course you are studying or you are about to join is not required by employers.

One of the clearest signs that your course will not take you anywhere is the fact that more than 50 % of graduates in your field are still jobless despite having graduated from the university. A good course is one that at least 80 % of graduates have jobs.

If you lose your job, you won’t get another one.

Maybe you were lucky to secure your first job but when you look at how you struggled to get it, you start developing ulcers.

If you lose your job, or you have seen some of your friends in the same career lose jobs but are not fortunate to get other jobs, know that your profession is useless.

When no one is approaching you for services.

If you find that you are qualified and experienced but no one wants your services, then your profession is not marketable.

Some of the marketable courses like Medicine, law, Engineering, Nursing and Statistics are hot cakes because people are desperate for their services.

If employees in your profession are always on strike for salary hike

When you find that people in your profession are always in strike, and the employer is not bothered to add them anything, then know that your course does not have significant value to the economy.