How to know that you have failed a job interview and you will never get the job

You receive that important call from a recruiter over a job you applied last week, get excited and do thorough preparations before you face the panel. On Monday morning, you wear your favourite suite and walk past everybody so as to be in time for the interview.

That moment arrives and as sharp as you are, you answer every question based on your experience and ideas you got from the net. After the interview, one of the members in the panel concludes with this remarks ‘we shall call you’

Based on my experience, many job seekers don’t have a clue when to give up on a job they attended interview for.

There are several signs that you actually failed an interview.

1. When the interview takes less than 10 minutes
If the interview was scheduled to take 30 minutes and you find yourself concluding the same in just 5 minutes, then chances of passing the interview is near zero. A panel which is impressed with a candidate takes a lot of time to know the interviewee. They ask as many questions as possible because they know you will be one of them but if they see that you have nothing to offer, they hurriedly ask you the basic questions and dismiss you.

2. When you answer less than half of the interview questions
A strong candidate should answer at least half of the questions correctly. If you find yourself answering 2 questions out of 10 then that is a clear sign that you’re going nowhere.

3. No phone call or email after one month
Research show that only 5 % of job seekers who do an interview get a job offer one month after facing the panel. Most companies take average of two weeks to contact the interviewee for a job offer.

4. When you get a regret letter or email
This is the most obvious sign that you have failed the interview and no miracle can influence the panel to employ you.
A regret letter is painful but it’s good for people who want to forget about the interview and move on.

5. When you hear one of the job seekers who faced the panel has taken the job
The moment you hear that someone has taken the job, you should lose hope immediately. There is no way they will contact you if they had a single chance and already someone has been given the offer.

6. When you contact the company and they inform you rudely not to call them
You have waited for long and you decide to call the company to confirm whether the job is still there. If one of the interview panel members warns you not to call them then be aware that you won’t receive good information from them.






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