How to know that you have passed a job interview and you will be employed


Nothing is sweet like passing a job interview, especially when you know it was tough and you least expected to be the best. That moment surely need celebrations.

It’s not easy to pass a job interview when the competition is extremely stiff, you have to be up there in terms skills and ability to answer each question satisfactorily.

But how exactly do you know that the interview you have just done will come out positively!

1. When the panel exhausts questions and at the end of the interview, they ask you about salary expectations, when you are ready to report, where you live and also ask for Tax pin.

If the interview panel asks you for tax pin and social security details then be sure you are the one they need. You will get a call from them in few days that you passed the test.

2. When you do a series of interviews and the final stage you find no one to compete with
There are companies which conduct a series of interviews in which they drop interviewees at every stage. If for instance there were six stages and the last stage you find that all the candidates you started the first test with have been dropped then start celebrating-you have passed.

3. When the interview panel tells you, ‘congratulations’
People are very mean when it comes to congratulating others but when you sit for an interview and at the end of the interview each member in the panel congratulates you, chances of failing that interview are slim.

4. When the company sends you an email to demand some details
If you did an interview and few weeks later, the company sends you an email to seek some information from you, like driving license, tax details and documents necessary for any employee then you should brace yourself for good news.

5. When the company sends regret letters to other candidates except you
You were three in the interview and you hear that others have received regret letters; you wait for your letter until nothing happens. It implies that your confirmation letter is on the way.

6. When you are told to report to the office after the interview
You have done the interview, waited for 3 weeks without hearing from the company. One morning someone calls you to demand that you report to the company the following morning. This is a clear sign that you passed the interview.






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