How to make Kshs 10000 with your phone in Kenya

Making Ksh 10,000 with your phone in Kenya does not require miracle; it’s within your influence. There are possible ways you can make money without necessarily being employed by anyone.

It has reached a time when jobs are scarce, opportunities for business are limited and competition is fierce. The only remaining thing is to use a tool within your reach, a mobile phone to make money. You can do so online or offline and here is what you need to do.


Few years back, photography was only possible if you had a digital camera but in the modern world, smartphone camera is enough to achieve the task.

If you’re a student, professional photographer or any individual passionate about photography, you can take photos in churches, birthday parties, weddings, funerals and make money.

In life, baby steps have never killed anyone: as a photographer, you will start small and work your way to fame. When people know you and understand your good work,they will always come for you. From zero, you will build your career and eventually become a renown photographer—making Ksh10,000 won’t be a dream anymore but a reality.

Guest Blogging

I know most of you haven’t tried this: guest blogging is now paying as good as a full time job. There are numerous blogs that encourage guest blogging. What you need is to apply for the opportunity at any leading blog in Kenya, then start creating content with your smarphone and share with the blog.You will eventually start earning decent income.

The average income of a guest blogger in Kenya is Ksh 10,000 per month

Affiliate marketing

Another way to earn your money through your smartphone is engaging in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing involves marketing products for companies and earning a commission. There are a couple of affiliate marketing companies that can pay you handsomely, they include: 1XBET,Jumia and Kilimall.Jumia is one almost every affiliate marketer is trying.

For one to do affiliate marketing, they have to create a link, share on their social media accounts and once someone has used the link to buy items, the marketer earns a commission. The commission ranges between 2% and 20% of the product cost.


Blogging is a vast topic and is one feeding over 1 million people globally. In Kenya,you can make more than Ksh10,000 through your phone by blogging on topics you are passionate about. The first step towards achieving your target is to register a domain name at Bluehost, then create a website (contact +254722927138 for web design) and start creating content. It might take few months to start making money but once your website becomes popular, earning Ksh10,000 won’t be hard.

In Kenya, the average income of a blogger currently stands at Ksh 35,000.There are over 1,000 active bloggers who make over Ksh10,000 monthly through their mobile phones.

Selling Safaricom Airtime in the office and estate

In our offices, people need airtime to communicate to their loved ones. You may find shops are a distant away. The only way to save them is by having enough airtime in your phone to sell at a premium price.