How to Make Money online in Uganda

How to Make Money online in Uganda

There are various ways of making money online in Uganda and particularly for bloggers and social media users. This article is about the easy ways of earning from your Facebook, Twitter and Website, money that is often regarded as passive income.

  1. From your blog/Website

You have always wondered how people can earn from their blogs, they earn in various ways, which include using Google AdSense, sponsored articles, direct sales and affiliate marketing.

Sponsored articles

Sponsored articles are most common among established bloggers. The articles are written by the company that wishes to advertise on your site and once you post, you earn money. This is definitely the easiest way people earn from their blogs.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the many ways of monetizing your blog in Uganda. Though many people don’t use this method, it’s one of the most rewarding. The good thing about Affiliate marketing is that you are able to earn even without a blog: if you have a popular Facebook or Twitter page, you will simply share a link of the company you are promoting and once people buy products through the link, you will earn attractive commission.

Which are the most popular affiliate programs on Uganda?

SellHealth and Kilimall are the most affiliate programs in Uganda. The beauty of joining these affiliate programs is that their products are marketable. I have provided links to the affiliate programs which will make it easy for you to sign up as an affiliate:

If you own a health related blog, below is a link to SellHealth affiliate program

SellHealth affiliate link

If you want to promote electronics through Kilimall, below is a link to the affiliate program

Kilimall Affiliate link

  1. Social media influencer

The second way of making money is through Social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).If you have a popular Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page, you will be able to advertise products of popular companies and make money. How does it happen?

For you to succeed, you must own a page with more than 100,000 likes. The page must be engaging, regularly updated or controversial.

When companies notice that your page is popular, they will request to advertise through it, thus enabling you to make money. Alternatively, you can sell the page and get some cool money.

  1. Sell Merchandise online

Another smart way is to sell merchandize online. You will, however, succeed only if you know the tricks of succeeding in this business. What you need is a popular Facebook page or blog to enable you push your products. Alternatively, you can sponsor the products through your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

  1. CV and Cover letter writing

You can also make good money through advertising your professional services online.CV and cover letter writing are some of the work you can do online.Besides,you can do data analysis for clients, especially those in universities.

  1. Online writing

Another job you can do online is online writing. This is one area that has employed thousands of jobless graduates in Uganda. You can apply for your account at Freelance,wehre you will get jobs to do and make a living.