How To Make Money online Without AdSense


How do I make money without Google AdSense? This is an obvious question for people who have been either banned or denied permission to run AdSense in their websites. I know it’s traumatizing to see other blogs running the program while yours is not among them, but it’s at the same time refreshing to realize that you can survive without Google AdSense.

There are over 500,000 active blogs that survive without AdSense and the owners are much comfortable. But before I discuss about various ways of making money online without this popular program, I would like to emphasize on key points:

When you own a popular website, it’s better you start diversifying your income. At first you may solely depend on AdSense but when your site grows, it’s wise to have more than one way of monetizing it.The reason why I am saying so; assuming you are depending on AdSense alone to monetize your blog and one day you wake up to shocking message that your AdSense has been disabled, what will you do?!!It will be tragic.

Assuming you are among millions of bloggers whose websites are not admitted by AdSense, here are the many ways you can make money without it.

Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are the best way to monetize your blog. It’s interesting that thousands of bloggers earn hundreds of dollars from affiliate programs. What is more exciting is that once an individual discovers the bright side of affiliate marketing, he won’t look back.

Affiliate programs pay commissions based on the amount of money a customer you refer to the company spends on a product. Some affiliate programs pay up to 200 % of the amount someone spends while others pay as little as 2 % of the spent amount. The most exciting affiliate programs are those that pay recurring commissions. For instance, SEMRUSH pays 40 % of the amount a customer spend each month until he leaves the program. This means that if the customer pays $100, you will earn $40 every month until the customer quits. Assuming you refer 100 customers over a period of 1 year and all of them decide to stick to the company, you will earn a total of $4,000 each month.

Affiliate programs are categorized into several categories. We have web hosting affiliate programs, health affiliate programs, forex, technology affiliate programs, e-commerce affiliate programs and so on. But here are the best for each category

e-Commerce affiliate programs

There are several e-commerce companies that offer affiliate programs,the leading is Amazon,which every blogger wants to join.

If you are in Africa, you can Join Jumia and Kilimall.

Jumia sign up link

Kilimall Sign up link

If you own a health related blog, you can sign up to SellHealth, which is a company that sells health related products.

Sign up link

The most popular referral programs are those dealing with Web Hosting companies. They are popular because they give out very attractive commissions. In this niche, a single referral can earn you up to $1, 000, which is why most bloggers tend to lean towards this topic.

Sponsored articles

If your website is popular, I mean it’s authority in your niche, you will start receiving sponsored aarticles.The articles are sent from companies that believe they can market themselves through your site and earn a reputation and clients.Normally,a single sponsored article costs from as low as $10 to as high as $300.

Direct marketing

Direct marketing involves placing banners on your website for companies that are aiming for publicity and more profits. Several top companies receive request for direct advertisements. They charge based on the quality of their Content and how popular they are-the more popular a blog is the higher it charges companies.

AdSense alternatives

Without AdSense you can survive, even better. There are numerous AdSense alternatives, but here is a list of the best alternatives

  • Chitika
  • MGID
  • ad
  • net
  • Infolinks
  • PopAds
  • Hilltop Ads
  • Adversal
  • Yllix Media
  • PopCash

Sell products

The best way to monetize your blog is by selling your skills or your business items. This is ideal especially if you have skills in data analysis, CV writing, medicine, law and blogging. The blog will also be profitable if you sell electronics items.