How to register Partnership Company or business in Rwanda


Rwanda is one of the fastest growing countries in Africa in terms of economic growth and ease of doing business.

The current President, Paul Kagame, has made several reforms which have ensured the country attract investors to spur growth.

A partnership company is a type of business where two or more individuals pool together their resources to achieve a common goal through business. This type of business is usually helpful when an individual does not have enough resources to start a venture.

You can register your partnership business online at or at the Office of the Registrar General which is located in Kigali.

Name Search

This is the first step in registering a partnership business. Once you have identified company name, proceed to the office of registrar to confirm whether the same name is being used by other business entity. Ensure you have three names such that even if one name fails to go through another name will be used for your business.

You will be required to pay small sum for name search, which should not exceed Rwf 2,000

Name Reservation

After name search, Name reservation is done to give you time to proceed with other registration processes. Name reservation takes approximately one month after which, you are required to request for extension of time for reservation of your name.

Partnership Deed

This is the most important document when registering a partnership business entity. The document can be prepared by an individual registering the business or by a lawyer, but remember a lawyer will charge you some money.

The partnership deed contains the following particulars

o The name of the firm.

o The names and addresses of the partners.

o The nature of the business.

o The term or duration of partnership.

o The amount of capital to be contributed by each partner.

o The drawings that can be made by each partner.

o The interest to be allowed on capital and charged on drawings.

o Rights of partners.

o Duties of partners.

o Remuneration to partners.

o The ratio in which the profits or losses are to be shared among the partners.

o The basis for the calculation of goodwill at the time of admission, retirement, and death of a partner.

o The keeping of proper books of accounts and the preparation of Balance Sheet.

o Settlement of amount on the dissolution of the firm.

o The procedures to be adopted in the case of disputes among the partners.

o Arbitration clause.

The following are additional document required and the fees charged

Individual Enterprise

  1. Complete the Application forms provided.
  2. Payment of2, 000 rwf at RDB.
  3. Copy of ID and one (1) colored passport photo.


A certificate of incorporation is obtained at the Company registry at RDB upon submitting an application letter addressed to the Registrar General, a receipt of registration fees payable at the National Bank of Rwanda.

This is the document that will allow you to conduct business in Rwanda.






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