How to spend and save Ksh 50,000 salary in Nairobi, Kenya


Let’s agree here, Nairobi is one of the most expensive cities in Africa and arguably of the most ruthless in terms of unemployment. If you manage to survive in Nairobi there is no city you won’t survive.

One shocking thing about this city is that no one cares about the other, everybody for himself.Moreover,employers don’t care how you survive; the moment you ask for salary increment they hurriedly answer you,’ you are free to leave’.

There are so many employees in Nairobi in this bracket (Sh 50,000),very few-less than 20 %-earn more than Sh50,000.If you find yourself in this bracket know that you are many.

I have you ever seen someone earning less than Sh50,000 but he has projects all over, yet you are earning more and you don’t have anything? It means there is something you are not doing right. Below is how you should spend Sh 50,000 salary in Nairobi and save for projects.

What you should not do with the Sh50, 000

If you want to develop financially, ensure you don’t own a car in Nairobi with this salary, otherwise Sh10, 000 will be disappearing into fuel and car maintenance every month.

If you love alcohol, don’t spend more than Sh3, 000, otherwise you won’t develop.

If you are fond of giving people money, please stop. Know from today that many

What you should do

After tax and other deductions, you will remain with Sh 42, 000.This is the money at your disposal.

Rent: The rent should be between Sh 6,000-Sh10, 000

Transport: fare should take at most Sh 5,000 per month

Food and shopping: should take not more than Sh10,000

Miscellaneous: Miscellaneous will on average cost you Sh 4,000

In total, you should spend Sh30, 000 in Nairobi and save Sh 12,000







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