How to start Boutique business in Nairobi


A boutique is one of those businesses which require varying capital depending on location and the type of clothes to sell. Imported clothes from Dubai, Turkey and Uganda do well in posh estates but clothes from Eastleigh do well in middle and low income estates.

Nairobi is over populated, which is a plus for entrepreneurs. Whether in estates or in major trading centres within Nairobi, any business you engage in must give you something.

Boutique being among the most profitable businesses in Nairobi has attracted several Kenyans, but that does not mean there aren’t available opportunities; they are numerous.

Best places to start boutique business in Nairobi

  1. Eastleigh
  2. Westlands
  3. Moi Avenue
  4. Kenyatta Avenue
  5. Ngong Road
  6. Kitengela
  7. Thika
  8. In shopping Malls
  9. Village Market
  10. Tom Mboya Street
  11. Biashara Street

Capital required to start boutique business in Nairobi

It depends on the size of your business but stalls along Moi Avenue and Kenyatta Avenue require monthly rent of Ksh 25,000-Ksh 70,000

In general, starting a boutique in these busy street will require Sh 200,000-Ksh 500, 000.However, a large boutique will require more than Sh1 million.

Setting up a boutique in Eastleigh Nairobi will require more capital because the town is extremely busy. Most people sell at wholesale prices. So if you intend to sell to retailers you need at least Ksh800, 000 but if you have to sell as a retailer then Sh 250,000 is enough.

A boutique in shopping mall is a wide idea but you have to break your bank for you to set up a lucrative business. Rent in a shopping mall is approximately Sh 50,000-Sh150, 000 per month. But you will be assured of quality customers.

Requirements for a boutique business

The main source of your clothes include Eastleigh Nairobi,Gikomba Market,Dubai  and Turkey.You can also source from Uganda.

You also require trading license from Nairobi County Council, which is approximately Sh 15,000-Sh30, 000.

Profits from Boutique business in Nairobi

This is what everyone wants to know. Though no one could tell what they earn, I know of a few people, some in Eastleigh who make up to Ksh20, 000 per day. However, there are some businesses which register losses because they are located in areas not suitable for a boutique.

Location is very important in regards to boutique business. Also, you should understand the taste of your customers.

One thing I can assure you for free is that this business is very profitable but you should be careful about fashion because once the clothes run out of fashion, no one will come for them.

The business does well during Christmas festive season, weekends and other holidays. If you set up well, the average profit you could get per day is Sh1, 500-Sh4, 000, you can make losses as well especially when the business is new.






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