How to start cassava farming business in Nigeria for high profits


Cassava farming is one of the best alternatives to employment in Nigeria as it gives one freedom to make money as well as employ others. There is no point of remaining idle when the idea of involving yourself in farming is ripe.

For your information, there are a number of Nigerians who are engaged in this business, either as middlemen or directly working in their own farms, and they are minting millions.

Nowadays many Nigerians are advised to take Cassava instead of bread because of the many health benefit associated with this crop.Being a farmer is a great opportunity to capture a market that is so much ready to spend to keep health.

Capital needed to start cassava farming in Nigeria

Capital required depends on the size of the farm you want to engage do your farming. In general, a one acre piece of land require about N70, 000-N150, 000.This capital is inclusive of the cost of preparing land, planting, and harvesting.


Best season to plant cassava

Cassava should be planted towards the end of March to around September. These are the months when rain is in plenty. The crop takes 4-6 months to be harvested. If you plant it in May then in November you could be harvesting, which is a dry month.

One of the best places to plant this crop is Ogun State, which has very fertile soil, good enough for Cassava farming.

Profits generated from Cassava business

If you are a middleman, I mean you are situated, say Lagos and you buy from farmers and sell in large scale to small businesses, then you will make approximately N1, 000-N 2,500K per ton. This is pure profit.

If you are a farmer, then you can make approximately N 2,000 per ton but this profit depends on the yields.

From a one acre of plot you can rake in more than N 20,000 as profits.Imagine if you plant in a 10 acre piece of land!






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