How to Start Kitchen utensil and equipment business and earn high profit in Kenya

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Kitchen is one critical area in any home because that’s where health of the family is defined through the meals. Without a kitchen, humanity could be extinct.

Kitchen utensils and equipment business is not business you can avoid and sleep peacefully, it’s lucrative. One beautiful thing about the business is that it’s not saturated as compared to businesses like hotels and pubs.

Kitchen equipment include plates,spoons,cups,mugs,jugs,fridges,oven,microwave,thermos,gas,forks etc. They are all important in the house.

Assuming that you have the idea in mind but you are not in a position to execute it.The following is the easiest way to start the business.

How to start the business

First, identify ideal location with busy streets and people with ability to buy your products. You cannot take your business in a village where there are 10 people and expect to get profits.

There are two ways to run the business. To start with, you have to buy a vehicle which you would be using to transport the utensils to the village and move them within the villgaes.The method works because you will identify the day when there it’s market day and then take the items to the market for sale.

You can also stock them in a store for customers to visit and pick their favourites.

Capital required for the business

If you intend to start small, Ksh150, 000 is enough in small towns like Narok, Kericho, Voi, Kakamega and Machakos but if you intend to set up in towns like Nairobi, Kisii, Nakuru and Mombasa, you need at least Ksh 300,000.This is because of the rental cost and operating expenses.

If you intend to sell in large scale, capital of at least Ksh 1 million is required. You also require a vehicle if your business will be mobile.

However, there are individuals who would want to start selling plastic utensils like plates and cups.this one is cheap to start because with just Ksh20, 000, you are ready to go.


The business is very profitable, especially if you set up in a busy town. If you started with Ksh 150, 000, your monthly profit must be at least Ksh 20,000.

Best towns to start the business

The best towns for this business are Kisumu, Mombasa, Kisii, Busia, Nairobi and Nakuru.These towns are ideal because of the large population which lives there.

Legal requirement

The only thing that’s required is a license, which is obtained from the local county council. The cost of the license ranges from Ksh5, 000-Ksh15, 000






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  1. susan Avatar

    Want to start at Ruiru

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    Margaret Njeri Nyabero

    Comment:yes I deal idea ,will want to start ,am based in Kisii

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