How to start nyama choma business in Kenya


Recently World Health Organization, though its findings, concluded that meat causes cancer. Though the information reached all Kenyans, no one was interested in stopping the habit of eating meat, especially roasted meat.

Kenyan men love nyama choma and beer, which is the reason why businesses dealing with beer and nyama choma thrive in the country. It is estimated that only 1 % of businesses which sell nyama choma make losses. The remaining 99 percent are swimming in profits.

How to start nyama choma business

First ensure you know a good supply of meat in your location. Places like Nairobi are very tricky because there are several rogue business people who can sell you dog meat or donkey meat instead of beef meat, which is not famous among Kenyans.

The best place to get cheap and fresh meat is City Market Nairobi. A kilo of beef meat is usually less than Sh400 while a kilo of chicken is less than Sh350.A fish which can be eaten by 5 people cost Sh 400.

Alternatively, you can source your meat from Dagoretti or Kitengela where there are slaughter houses.

In Mombasa, you can get it from town market which is located opposite A One Supermarket.

Capital required

To start with, you need a jiko for roasting your meat, charcoal, and other basic necessities.

The cost of buying all these is Sh 3,000-Sh15, 000.

To conduct this business, you have to rent a space, which will cost you Sh 10,000-Sh20, 000 if it’s a building within Nairobi. If it’s outside a building then it would cost you less.

 Where to set up the business

The business does well when conducted near a pub, in hotels, near a club, in social places like universities and colleges, and in busy streets.

Profits made from nyama choma business.

Most people I have talked with indicate that they make She 2,000-Sh10, 000 per day in Nairobi. In Mombasa,especially Mtwapa,they make Sh 1,000-Sh7,000 per day.The profit in Kisumu and Kisii is between Sh 500-Sh4,000 per day.

The best towns to start nyama choma business are Thika, Nairobi,Kiambu,Mombasa,Mtwapa,Kisumu,Kisii,Nakuru,Naivasha and Busia.

Kenyans love goat meat more than beef.They also love chicken meat,especially those in Nairobi.






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