How to start selling Sausages, samosa and eggs in Kenya and Profits you can get from the business


Samosa, Sausages and eggs are among the few foods that every Kenyan adores regardless of social status, tribe or financial muscles.

Business is good, it’s the only thing you can do day and night and feel satisfied that you have done something meaningful. You can’t compare employment and business, because with business you are your own boss but with employment, your boss is always on your neck. It doesn’t matter at what scale you are conducting the business as long as you are fully satisfied that you’re doing something that your heart desires.

Selling the aforementioned foods is a wise idea in Kenya as it provides a source of quick income.

Even if you are employed, you can do the business alongside your full time job. Moreover, those people you see besides the road have other full time jobs but they decide to supplement their income by selling samosa, sausages and eggs.

Capital required

This type of business is categorized under small businesses; it is therefore not out of reach for people who are not doing well financially. If you have Ksh5, 000 in your pocket, you can comfortably start selling the three types of food concurrently. But there are those who wish to start the business in large scale. This one will need at least Ksh 150,000.

Where to source for eggs, samosa and sausages for your business

Every town has people who supply eggs to major supermarkets and stores. But you can decide to get from major stores in your town. You can also seek information from hotels on who supply them with eggs. Raw sausages and samosa can be obtained from major supermarkets like Uchumi, Tuskys and Nakumatt.You can also source from Farmers’ Choice, which is the main supplier of sausages and samosa.

How to conduct the business

If you want to start with minimum capital then start from home where you set the business beside the road by selling boiled eggs ,fried sausages and samosa. But if your money is sufficient enough to support large business, you can set up the business in a confined room where you sell to small businesses.

I personally prefer large scale business if you are capable of setting up the business because of the huge profits associated with the business.


From those I talked with, I came to the conclusion that it’s a good business to run in Kenya. The lowest profits business people get ranges between Sh 700-Ksh2, 000 per day for small business owners but for the wholesalers some make profits of as high as Sh 25,000 per day.

The best towns to start the business include Nairobi,Mombasa,Kisumu,Nakuru,Kisii and Thika.


Business is not for faint hearted, you have to be patient, consistent and ready to make losses even if you are sure there are no risks involved in running the business. Success is not for specific people but for anyone who is willing to try, especially the road travelled by the few. Try today and you will never be the same again.






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