How To Survive in Lagos Nigeria When You Are Jobless


Surviving in Lagos when you are jobless is very hard, especially if you are a fresh graduate.

We understand getting a job has become extremely hard, and if you find you are among the over 1 million Nigerians without a job, then you must look for ways of surviving before you finally secure employment.

There are however many ways of surviving in Lagos when you are jobless.

Rent a room with your friends

Renting a room alone is extremely hard. So if you have friends from college, pool resources together and secure a single room. Cost sharing will work miracles for you as you continue searching for employment.

Look for small business to do

There are several small and lucrative businesses you can do in Nigeria. Some of the businesses include selling water, fresh juice, shoe shining, selling cassava, selling second hand clothes and doing motorcycle transport business.

Going back to schools

There are courses that are not marketable in Nigeria. If you find yourself jobless for more than 3 years and no employer wants to give you a job, it’s time to enroll for a masters or PhD so that you can be more competitive.

Doing online business

There are several ways of earning money online. You can do data entry, professional essay writing, sell electronics and also do SEO and marketing business.


Sometimes getting a job is not only tied to dropping your CV in various organizations. Networking plays a very big role. Try to talk to people and hear from them whether they know someone influential somewhere.






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