How To Survive When You Don’t Have a Job after College/University


When students are still in college, they feel the world out here is smooth and nothing is impossible under the sun, but soon after graduation, they feel the heat of being jobless. Having ideas of how to survive after college when you don’t have a job is the best thing to happen to a university graduate.

If you find yourself jobless after college yet you don’t have cash to push you along, then do the following:

Start small business

This is the most common thing that most graduates do. Starting small business will assure you of some pocket money which will enable you apply for employment as well as pay rent and feed yourself.

There are over 100 small businesses you can do, but we can list a few:

  • Selling Ice cream
  • Selling women shoes, handbags and clothes
  • Starting a grocery
  • Selling cereals
  • Online store
  • Starting a laundry shop
  • Starting a fast food restaurant
  • etc

Doing data entry online

You can also join millions of others who earn good money by doing data entry online. This job has made several youths rich by providing opportunities to earn money.

Doing academic writing

Academic writing is also another way of killing boredom as you earn money. You can earn up to $ 10 per page when you are actively writing for popular academic writing companies.


If you are talented and willing to engage readers then blogging is suitable for you. Several graduates have started the business and have never looked back.

Start Online Forex Trading

Forex trading online is one business that will make an individual rich. You only need at least $500 to open an account and start trading. If you are good in mathematics, statistics or have been following how major currencies trade then you are good to go.

Look for at least one friend, hire a single room in town and start looking for a job

Cost sharing can save you money and enable you concentrate on looking for a job. If you are three or more in a single room, it will make easier for any of you to survive without a job.

A good thing also is that you will be able to share ideas and information, thus making it easier for you to get a job.

Live With a relative in town

This is very common for many job seekers. In most cases you find it’s only your relative who lives in a city where you want to seek employment. Relatives often help in such cases, but they sometimes become a nuisance after realizing that you have overstayed.

Continue looking for employment or Internship

Sometimes when you are desperate for a job, you need to accept any offer that presents itself. Internship is one of the steps you can take so as to launch your career.

Do farming

If you have land that is idle, you need to put your degree aside and start farming. This way, you will get some money to keep you going

Start a consulting farm

Some courses like Statistics, Law, Architecture, Medicine, web design and nursing don’t require one to be employed by anyone. You can start a consulting firm right after college.