How to use LongTail Pro Keyword Tool to Increase your Traffic from 1,000 to 10,000

LongTail Pro is one of the SEO tools bloggers are using to improve organic traffic for their websites.This tool can help your site receive over 10,000 page views up from 1,000.

It’s know public knowledge that Facebook traffic is not reliable anymore. Their new algorithm does not favour publishers.Therefore,the best alternative is to increase your organic traffic .One of the surest tricks is to make use of Long Tail Pro,a tool almost every blogger is using nowadays.

There are key things this tool does that other SEO tools have failed to do.The tool will suggest several long tail keywords for your article titles. These keywords will specifically address the weakness you have had in regards to determining the most accurate keywords readers key in when searching content online. For instance, if you want to write about online short courses in 2018,the tool will come up with the best suggestions. Their suggestions are based on the keywords readers use on regular basis to search for content related to one you are about to write. 

There is one thing that happened to me last year.I tried to test whether the tool helps in any way.I wrote two articles, one generated based on the keywords suggested by the tool and another one not focusing on LongTail keyword suggestion. I posted each content on separate blogs; the one with LongTail Keyword suggestion on a less popular blog and one that ignored the suggestions from the tool on a more popular blog. What I discovered is that the less popular blog received triple the traffic the more popular blog attracted.

What LongTail keywords does is that it suggests the exact keywords readers will use to search for your content.This way, your articles will always be placed on Google page 1.Once you make use of the tool for two consecutive weeks, you’ll start noticing amazing results.

The good thing about longTail Pro tool is that you can use it for two weeks without paying any money.What you do is sign up through this link,then start using immediately.After two weeks you will notice a major difference.