How to write viral Blog posts

Writing viral posts is what every blogger would like to achieve.It’a always hard to determine whether your site will go viral or not and in most cases, nearly all newly created sites attract low audience.

As a blogger, the only way to survive in this ecosystem is to write viral content and for you to reach that level, you must be armed with critical writing tips. A viral story is one that attracts the attention of almost anyone seeking information online in relation to the topic in question. It’s not easy to create a viral story due to stiff competition origination from other publishers.

In my other site,I create viral posts nearly every week where each article attracts over 100,000 readers. I do so with the help of few tools I have employed over time. One tool that I always use is ConvertKit.This one has helped be collect emails for my readers to nearly 100,000.which means whenever I post a blog article, more than 10,000 subscribers read it.If each of the subscribers share my article, getting 100,000 views is not a big deal. You can sign up for free here

Focus on keywords

Keywords are extremely important. Without the focused keywords, you won’t be noticed online.

I have been a blogger for the past 7 years and what I have observed is that if you don’t know how to use keywords, your content will be dead on arrival. There are a couple of articles I post on my blog thinking they will go viral but due to poor usage of keywords,the article becomes stale. But due to mistakes I made over time, I came to learn how to use focus keywords.I am particularly grateful for a friend who introduced me to SEMrush,which is the best SEO tool.

 Niche blog

Another way to come up with viral articles is to create a niche blog.A niche blog will be focusing on a single topic. The more you post the more your blog becomes the authority. This way, nearly all your articles will go viral.

Content is king

The first thing you’re told as a blogger is that content is king.No matter how many articles you post,if your content does not excite your readers, you won’t manage a viral post.

Make sure you evoke emotions of your readers and always post searchable content.

Post regularly

When you post regularly,there are high chances your blog will be given a good ranking.Your main focus as a blogger should be on Google first page and to achieve this,you have to post regularly and always focus on long tail keywords.You can use longTail Keyword Pro to learn more about keywords.