Kenyans don’t have faith in Uhuru Kenyatta,he will be a one term President

Uhuru Kenyatta was elected in 2013 with the hope that he could continue the good work of former president Mwai Kibaki.

Being an Economist and former Finance Minister, the son of Jomo was seen as a messiah, a leader who Kenyans believed could lead the country into greatness. Together with William Ruto, they were rated highly when they took the driver’s seat in 2013; this was attributed by their previous performance in respective ministries.

Three years down the line, the country is in a very bad state. To start with, corruption has become a project within the coalition. The issue of National Youth Service (NYS) was first heard in 2014, where opposition leader Raila Odinga claimed that over Sh 800 million were lost from the body’s account.

Devolution Cabinet Secretary Ann Waiguru denied the claims, terming Raila as an alarmist who doesn’t have anything to offer Kenyans. Later, it was established that money was lost under Waiguru’s watch.
Up to now no action has been taken against Waiguru despite the President being told to dismiss her. Several other officers are said to be so corrupt that even their juniors are worried.

Corruption in the government has reached a level where even the government is borrowing to sustain it.To make matters worse; government borrowing has reached the ceiling, implying that they won’t borrow for the meantime.

Two weeks ago, The Treasury declared that Uhuru’s government is broke; they also confirmed that they’ve run out of ideas. If this is what Uhuru will continue doing to the country, then poverty will spread further and the repercussions are, depression and lawlessness.

The opposition, led by Raila Odinga has warned Uhuru of consequences if he doesn’t wake up from the slumber. He reiterates that Kenya is having a government which is over spending and over stealing. Which has resulted to the current economic situation in the country.

We are under a regime which doesn’t care about creating jobs, instead they recruit thousands of Kenyans to NYS where they pay them monthly upkeep of Ksh 700; they call this employment!

Any Kenyan of sound mind will tell you that graduates are suffering; they have nowhere to go because companies are collapsing while the government is not employing. If these people will not be sorted out, they might engage in evil activities.

The careless utterances witnessed in the country is due to Uhuru’s poor style of leadership.Aladwa,Muthama and Kuria know that Uhuru doesn’t care what and who said what,he is slow to act.

The President must act to clear the mess in his government or he face the wrath of the people.






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