I Bought TCL TV Last Year, This is my Experience

I have been an ardent fan of Sony TV but it happened that I was convinced last year by a friend in our estate to purchase TCL TV. He had bought one and used it for 2 years and thought it was good that I also experience how good or bad TCL was.

In August 2017 I wanted to upgrade from a 24 inch TV to a 32 inch on and since I trusted Kevin, who is my friend, he took me online to check available televisions.Surprisingly,I found that TCL was going for Ksh18,000 while Sony was priced at Ksh 27,500.I asked him this question,”are you sure this TV is good?” He looked at me for almost one minute and responded, “you have been my friend for 10 years,is there a day I have mislead you?” He said that if I buy one and find it not appealing,he would refund me the cash.

I visited Jumia website through this link,ordered TCL 21 inch digital TV and it was delivered within two days.

I have since been using the TV and to be honest,I don’t regret the decision I made.One thing I have realized is that sometimes it’s good to be flexible.In most cases we hold on to something for so lonf without realizing there are better opportunities elsewhere. Ever since I started using TCL,I am able to watch over 120 channels for free with the basic channels always being there for viewing.TCL has very clear images, it’s durable and has an excellent look.

If today I am given another chance to buy a TV,I will go for TCL television.I like the fact that it’s cheap and of high quality.Sometime I wonder what is special with Sony televisions.

If you need one,you can also buy it through this link