I did a bachelor of commerce, why am I not getting a job after graduation?


“My name is Christine and I am in tears. I graduated three years ago with a bachelor of commerce but life has turned against me. I am jobless, desperate and a beggar simply because I am unable to secure employment. Is it because the course is not marketable or there is something I am not doing right?”

Thank you for contacting us Christine We have dealt with such cases before and one thing we shall assure you is that one day you will secure employment.

We usually tell graduates to always upgrade their studies whenever they find it hard to secure employment, or accept any opportunity that comes your way.

Many a times many graduates especially fresh graduates are extremely selective-they want specific jobs. But it reaches a time you must accept any job so that you can start life.

What I have noticed over time is that when you are jobless jobs become scarce but when you get one job other jobs come your way, you then start wondering where the jobs were hiding when you didn’t have one. That is why I encourage you not to be selective so that you can open a “basket” of luck.

Bachelor of commerce is a business course that requires to be accompanied with a professional certification. If you don’t possess a professional certification then as soon as today enroll for one.

If you intend to work as an accountant ,the best professional certification is ACCA or CPA and if you want to be an auditor, then pursue Certified Internal Auditor Certification. If your ambition is to work as a financial/investment analyst ,then pursue Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Pursuing a professional certification is a short cut to getting a job as a business professional.

The last and best technique to employ is volunteer to work as an intern or a volunteer without pay-most companies will take you and, who knows, they might consider you for employment.