Important Things To Consider Before You Purchase a Fridge

Before you purchase a fridge, there are important things to consider. Ridges are important for preventing foodstuffs from rotting; they also help in storing drinking water and vegetables. When you proceed to buy one, these are the factors to consider:


Price matters a lot.In most cases, ridges costing above Ksh40,000 are better than those going for Ksh 20,000.Take example of this Ramton fridge that costs Ksh 45,000.It contains the following features:

  • 350Lt.
  • Double Door
  • CFC Free
  • Direct Cool
  • Hard top
  • Glass shelf

One thing we can agree here is that its size is humongous,350 litres,it has a glass shelf and is of double doors.Such a fridge is rare to get.There are also other fridges priced above Ksh40,000 at Jumia with amazing features

Price is a very important parameter when it comes to determining what kind of fridge or any item to buy. Expensive things are always of high quality.

Storage capacity

Storage capacity is the most important feature to look at when looking for a fridge to buy. I always advise customers to go for a fridge with storage capacity of at least 90 litres.Such type of a fridge is enough to store masses of vegetables and water.

Number of doors

The best fridge to buy is a double door fridge.This one is recommended because you may be having vegetables,onions,tomatoes ,soda,juice,milk and drugs you want to store in the fridge.The best way to store them is avoiding mixing onions with milk and soda…the two doors will partition the fridge such that you don’t mix onions with milk.You can buy double door fridge here

Energy consumption

The fridge you’re going to buy will be consuming electricity. Always ensure the fridge you’re going to buy is energy efficient. The best brands are Bruhm, LG, Samsung and Ramtons.


The brand of a fridge matters a lot.If you get a very cheap fridge in a supermarket and purchase it without knowing which company manufactures it,you might be disappointed. Always go for the most popular brands because they don’t manufacture fault items.

The most popular brands include:LG,Samsung,Bruhm and Ramtons.The best place to buy one in Kenya is Jumia

Buy from Jumia

Where to purchase the fridge

Another factor to consider is the place to buy a genuine fridge.There is something that happened to my friend about a year ago.She had seen a fridge being sold in the streets.The fridge costs Ksh 70,000 in the supermarket but  the people were selling it at Ksh18,000.Excited,she gave the people Ksh 18,000 and took the fridge to her house.When she connected it to the socket,the fridge wasn’t working. She took to the technician who told her there is nothing he could to salvage it.

It’s better to buy from a supermarket or online stores like Jumia where you are sure it has a warrant

Order from Jumia

Sale warrant

If the fridge you’re buying dies not have a sale warrant, please don’t proceed to buy it.Sale warrant is important as it helps you to return the fridge to the seller if you find it’s fault.