Industrial Chemistry Job Market In Kenya and Salaries


Industrial Chemistry is one of the highly rated courses in China, USA, UK, Japan and many developed countries because professionals in this area of specialization play crucial role during manufacturing process. But the Kenyan market is not such glamorous.

Having interacted and worked with several graduates with qualifications in Industrial Chemistry, I can tell that it is not easy to get a job with this academic paper, unless you are lucky. The reason being few companies that demand their services are available in Kenya.

Unless the government is recruiting in masses, it is always hard for these graduates to penetrate into the market. But there are few companies like KTDA, Unilever, and BAT that absorb these graduates.

Many graduates end up working at pharmaceuticals as Sales Representatives while others fix themselves in banks as clerks.

I can say that the salaries for these graduates are not so attractive.Infact; a graduate with BA Economics earns more than Industrial Chemistry graduate. The average salary for Industrial Chemistry graduate in Kenya is Sh 45,000.






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