Infinix Note 4 Pro Specification and Price in Kenya

Infinix Note 4 Pro Specification and Price in Kenya


Infinix Note 4 Pro is one hot smartphone every smartphone lover should get grasp of. Specifications and prices are important for anyone planning to buy any smartphone.

I know you are wondering, can I buy this phone or I simply go for another smartphone? The answer is, if you ignore this, chances are you’ll regret your decision.

Why is Infinix Note 4 Pro so popular that almost every Kenyan is aiming to buy one? Here are the reasons?

  1. Beautiful look
  2. Powerful Camera
  3. Powerful processor
  4. Enough internal memory
  5. Durable
  6. Genuine

Before you pay for the phone, it’s paramount that you understand it’s specifications. Here is a summary of what Infinix Note 4 Pro is made of:

  • Display: 5.7″  IPS LCD Screen
  • Camera: 13MP Back + 8MP Front
  • Storage: 3GB RAM + 32GB
  • Operating System: Android 7.0 Nougat

Buy from Jumia

By the way there exists Infinix note 4 which is inferior to Infinix Note 4 Pro.Ever since Infinix Note 4 Pro landed in Kenya, most people stopped buying Infinix note 4 because the note 4 pro has advanced features.

One thing I love about Note 4 Pro is that the 3GB RAM makes the phone flawless; it can multitask without slowing down.The Android 7 is the real deal and 13MP camera is not one to joke with.In short,the phone is worth the praise.

Currently,it’s going for Ksh 19,000 at Jumia and you can order through this link



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