Is a Degree in Economics Marketable in Kenya


A degree in economics is offered in almost every university in Kenya and is marketable, but as a graduate you should consider my advice so as not to be frustrated with your degree.

It is believed that there are over 40 % of Economics degree holders actively seeking for employment in Kenya. These graduates are mostly those who scored low grades in college or the ones that never bothered to pursue professional courses.

In Kenya, don’t expect anyone to employ as an Economist when you only possess undergraduate degree without work experience. It is therefore important to note that most Economics graduates are employed as Bank Tellers, Auditors, Graduate Trainees, Policy Analysts, Accountants, Investment Analysts, Credit Analysts and Cashiers. It is unfortunate that very few opportunities exist where fresh graduates are employed as Economists.

Now, knowing very well what your profession entails, you should first think of pursuing a suitable professional course that will give you’re the dream job. I will suggest that before you plan to join college, please make sure you have thought of pursuing ACCA, CFA, CIFA or CCP.These courses will add weight to your degree.

As I always tell students, it’s is good enough to complete CPA, CFA, ACCA or CIFA while you are in college so that when you graduate, employers will value your qualifications.

Another thing you should bear in mind before you graduate is that most employers look at what you scored in college. Sometimes scoring a second lower or a pass may limit your chances of getting a job in good institutions. Make sure you score at least a second upper. If by any chance you score a second lower, eliminate the shame by pursuing a professional course.

With a degree in Economics, you can get a job in PWC,KPMG,Banks,KRA,Deloitte,Ministry of Finance, Kenya Power, Central Bank, Capital Markets Authority, Insurance Companies and many other institutions.