Is A Degree in Education Marketable in Kenya


Whether you are pursuing or you intend to study the course at any University in Kenya, remember that a degree in Education is among the least marketable in the country.

One of the most discouraging things about the course is that even if you have a Masters degree, you will still earn less than a waiter in a popular restaurant in Nairobi.

Shockingly, it takes a graduate at least three years to secure a job with the government. This is a long period considering the salary you will earn your entire life.

Teachers strikes are common in Kenya because the salaries they earn are so little that even their kids are always ridiculed by their peers.I usually wonder how a teacher manages to survive with just Sh 7,000 per month!

One interesting thing in our Kenyan system is that someone who operates an M-Pesa shop makes twice what a high school teacher earns. It is also common to see a driver living a happy life –happier than a teacher in Kenya.

In order to redeem your hopes of making it in life in Kenya, you have to run some business to supplement your income. But remember we have only 12 % of Kenyans who can successfully manage business ventures.

Having said that, don’t lose hope because there are courses like Special Needs Education and Early Childhood Education that are marketable in Kenya.

If you are planning to be a teacher, you better pursue the two courses I have mentioned above.






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