Is a Degree in Interior Design Marketable in Kenya


A degree in interior design is best suited for talented individuals who will make houses, churches, event rooms, offices, hotels etc look elegant. Pursuing interior design in Kenya is not only marketable but also will ensure you exploit your talent to the maximum.

I always meet individuals who are blind to the fact that a marketable course is one that can enable you employ yourself even if white collar jobs are scarce, Interior design is one such course.

With interior design, straight from college, you can start getting offers for your services. There are many offices, hotels and homes that need your services. Alternatively, you can seek employment in popular interior design companies like Interior Idea, Elle Interior Designers, Seiwa Furniture and Interior design, Wallpaper Kenya, Design Space Kenya Interiors, Design Corporate Ltd, Terry Designs, Spiegel Interiors Limited.

The best colleges to study interior design include

Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, Nyeri

Kenya Polytechnic University College, Nairobi

Elle College of Design, Nairobi

Vera Beauty College and Fashion Institute, Nairobi