Is a Degree in Sociology and Psychology Marketable in Kenya


I know there are several students already enrolled in a class of Sociology, ready to start their career soon after graduation, but I would like to warn you in advance. Sociology at undergraduate is not as marketable as courses like BCOM.

Sociology used to be a good course two decades ago but when technology advanced, some hot causes emerged. Ever since, Sociology graduates have been struggling to define themselves in the Kenyan job market.

But I can steal one secret for you. If you want to get a job in Kenya with your course, learn statistical tools so that you can become a market researcher, or Pursue CPA to become an Accountant. Alternatively, you can pursue Certified Secretaries.

The best option for Sociologists is to pursue the course to PhD level, where you will manage to become a lecturer.

You can also pursue MBS strategic Management, MSc Statistic, Project Management or Monitoring and Evaluation. These courses will market you more than you anticipated.