Is Actuarial Science Marketable in Uganda


Actuarial Science is a very marketable course not only in Uganda but also world over. The course, which is offered at Makerere University, offers wide range of opportunities to students who want to work as either actuaries or finance professionals.

It takes at most 4 years of university training and some years of training in professional actuarial courses. Once you are through with Actuarial papers, which are offered by the society of Actuaries, then you can start practicing as an actuary.

Actuarial Science is tough-it requires someone who is ready to face challenges, and not a joyrider. To complete the more than 13 professional papers, you are required to burn midnight oil. But when you are through, companies will come for you.

In Uganda, there are actuaries who earn up to Ush 20 million per month. These are people who work in leading insurance companies, banks and multinationals.