Is Agribusiness Management degree programme marketable in Kenya


Agribusiness management is a course offered at the University of Nairobi and Egerton University.The course is marketable for graduates who are lucky to have better grades in college and know where to search for employment.

Agribusiness management is designed in such a way that a student gains skills to enable practicing agricultural activities that is profitable. If the student is not able to work in his own farm he can be employed in several agriculture companies in Kenya.

Unfortunately,there are few agricultural companies that employ graduates. Most of the companies that practice large scale farming employ diploma or certificate holders as managers, leaving degree holders tarmacking.

One mistake most graduates do is rush to Nairobi and Mombasa seeking employment. Since everyone is thinking the same way you are thinking, you end up being jobless and hopeless. The best thing if you have a degree in agribusiness is to search employment in companies like Williamson Tea, Unilever,Brookside Dairy,KCC,Industrial area Nairobi, or Tea factories. You can also search for employment in banks since they don’t discriminate against the course an individual pursued in school.

Another problem graduates have is that they are very selective. They believe that they can only do jobs relevant to their careers, which is again against the job market dynamics in Kenya.

Nobody should cheat you that there is no jobs in Kenya, the only problem we have is that we are too selective.