Is Bachelor of Accounting a popular course in India


Bachelor of Accounting is one of the best courses to study in India and any part of the world. The course, which is offered in top universities in India, provides a student with necessary skills to work as an accountant, finance officer, auditor or financial analyst.

Auditors and accountants are among the highest paid business professionals in India. The average salary of an Accountant in India is Rs 20,000 but there are accountants who earn up to RS 300, 000, which is good am sure.

Accountants who never lack employment in India are those who have pursued professional courses on top of degrees. The best professional course to combine with a degree in accountant is ACCA, CFA, Certified Internal Audit course or Certified Public Accountants course.

When you have a degree and a professional course chances of being jobless are less than 30 % but if you don’t pursue any of the listed professional courses above chances of getting a job are slim because of competition for limited job opportunities.