Is Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM) Marketable in Kenya


Bachelor of Commerce graduates are the most sought graduates in Kenya and among the highest paid professionals. The course is very marketable.

I usually wonder when people rush to study courses like Political Science and Teaching, leaving good courses like Bachelor of Commerce and Nursing. If you are of sound mind and you are sure you want the best for your future, studying bachelor of commerce should be your first choice.

Finance professionals are highly respected and usually come second after the CEO, which means that their salaries are way above other professionals within institutions.

One thing that makes bachelor of commerce attractive and highly competitive is the fact that ths caliber are policy makers. For your information, a policy maker is a decision maker. Implying that his decisions affect all other professionals within insititutions.So imagine the powers you will draw when you get such a job!

But every course has its own challenges. In Kenya, BCOM is almost flooded, so it’s upon a graduate to understand what to do in order to be more marketable. To do this, you must enroll for a professional course as soon as possible. Ensure that when you graduate, you must have completed CPA, ACCA or CIFA.

Most companies employ fresh graduates as Graduate Trainees. The best companies to join in Kenya include KRA,PWC,KPMG,IRA,RBA,Deloitte,Safaricom,BAT,Unilever,Britam,UAP,NGO and UN.






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