Is Bachelor of Economics Marketable in Kenya


To begin with, I would like to emphasize that Economists are among the highest paid professionals in Kenya and in the world. The course is very marketable.

I will confirm today that most graduates of Economics earn decent salaries in Kenya, but majority of them work in banks and other financial institution.

But I wish to warn you in advance that pursuing a degree in Economics alone is not enough. In order to be more marketable in Kenya, you have to combine your course with a professional course.

It has been established that the best combination is Economics and CFA/CIFA/CPA, which are the best professional courses in Kenya.

One thing to not though is that the university you study matters a lot. If you pursue economics at the University of Nairobi,Strathmore,JKUAT,Maseno,Kabarak,KCA or KU ,then you stand a chance of being considered for employment ahead of those who graduate from universities like MKU and St Paul.






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