Is Bachelor of Mathematics Marketable in Kenya


Bachelor of Mathematics is offered in several universities in Kenya. It is one of the most marketable courses in the country but many students are not aware. But one important thing you should remember is that no one will employ you as a Mathematician, you must be willing to take other job titles.

After completing you form four, you are required to choose you course that you believe will make you successful; Mathematics is one such course. You can either choose Bachelor of Mathematics or Bachelor of Applied Mathematics. Though the names look different, the courses are the same.

A degree in Mathematics has seen many professionals of the course get jobs in banks,insurance companies, higher learning institutions,NGOs and government institutions. But these opportunities often come to individuals who have either advanced their studies to masters level or pursued professional courses. It is, therefore, necessary for mathematics students to enroll for professional course so as to get employed as soon as they graduate.

Some of the popular courses include CFA,CPA and ACCA.

Another important fact you should note is than you can as well work as statisticians. So make sure you learn statistical tools like SPSS, Stata,R and be proficient in Excel and My SQL.

You can also study Actuarial professional courses if you have ambitions of becoming an actuary.

When you have a degree in mathematics and realized jobs are not coming as fast as you thought, you can enroll for a masters course in Mathematics, which can enable you become a lecturer. You can also pursue masters in statistics, biostatistics,actuarial science, project management, monitoring and evaluation or master of science in finance.

As you can see,mathematics is broad.