Is CFA marketable in South Africa?


Several South African nationalities often wonder whether CFA is a marketable professional course in South Africa. The answer is as straight as the question, and this is why you should pursue the highly ranked professional certificate in the world.

World over,CFA holders are a respected lot. With this qualification, you will secure employment anywhere in the world regardless of whether you possess professional experience or not, South Africa is not exceptional.

Statistics show that the absorption rate of CFA holders in South Africa is between 89 % to 96 % in the first year of course completion, thereafter the professionals in this area have 99 % chances of securing employment, which is as a result of accumulated professional experience.

We can confidently inform you that CFA is the only course that can guarantee you employment in South Africa. I mean immediately after completion, you have absolute chances of being sought by employers.

When it comes to salaries, it is estimated that the average pay of a fresh graduate with CFA qualification is R60,000 per month. This salary however grows tremendously after three years of progressive experience. To make sure you earn maximum pay, employees are advised to pursue executive MBA from UK,USA,Canada,Australia or South Africa, where the quality of education is worldclass.With all these papers, no one will deny you a monthly salary exceeding R 80,000 per month.

If your motivation is salary and employment in stock market and investment fields,CFA is the best course to pursue in South Africa.