Is Computer Science Marketable in Kenya


Computer Science is one of the best courses in Kenya and one of the most marketable courses to study in local universities.

The course is suitable for students who are good in mathematics as well as regarded as innovative.

Pursuing Computer Science is not enough, as a student you are required to know what exactly is required in order to be competitive in the job market.

You should be aware that software engineering, which is core in Apps development, is the most marketable area of specialization in Computer Science. You can also specialize in web design, networking and hardware part of Computer Science.

As the world, all sectors of economy, are adopting technology, Computer Science graduate are becoming useful resources in coming up with new ideas. As a computer science student you should be proud that your course is on high demand. However, you must note this: There are several important computer related courses you should pursue in Kenya so as to cut a niche for yourself. Ensure you know ORACLE, CICT and CCNT.

Some of the best institutions to work for include IBM, Google, Facebook, KRA, EACC and Central Bank.

Salaries for computer science graduates vary depending on institutions you work for and years of experience. But the average salary for fresh graduates in Kenya today is Ksh 70,000