Is cooperative management Course marketable in Kenya


Cooperative management course was initially designed to suite individuals who intended to work in SACCOs but it has been accepted in all sectors of economy. I have found many students asking, is the course marketable in Kenya?

One thing you should be aware of, even if a course is not marketable, there will always be individuals who pursued the course that will succeed. But in cooperative management, the course is very marketable in Kenya.

SACCOs in Kenya are growing, even threatening the growth of banking sector. They have now diversified their activities and joined in Real Estate and Stock Market sector. The growth has created so many opportunities for Cooperative management professionals.

In the year 2000, Kenya had less than 50 SACCOs but as we speak, there are over 200 stable SACCOS in Kenya.

One thing I will not promise you, though, is the salary paid by SACCOS.Fresh graduates are paid as low as Sh 20,000 per month and senior management take home up to Ksh 300,000 per month. This is lower compared to banks and insurance companies.

Cooperative University College of Kenya is the best college offering the course in the country.