Is Dress Code Important During Job Interview: Appropriate Dress Code


Job interview is an important aspect of one’s career. It is a huge step towards attaining self-actualization in terms of career aspirations. It is therefore necessary to know that dress code is very crucial in determining whether you will get the job or not.

Having gone through college successfully and attained necessary qualifications that could propel you to success, it would be so unfortunate to fail a job interview just because of bad dress code.

The appropriate dress code for any job interview should be professional, neat, clean and presentable enough to give all the marks allocated for dress code by the panel.

Men should wear a suite with a tie which is not flashy. The suit should not have flashy colors.

Ladies should avoid extremely short clothes. Revealing too much skin above your knees might work against you.

Though it is only appropriate to dress in official clothes, not all professions are strict with dress code.Professionals in the fields of engineering and theatre are sometimes excused from wearing official dress code to interviews ,but it’s  advisable to be always professional.






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