Is it easy to get a job in Tanzania


My name is Peter and I am joining University of Dar es Salaam next month. I want to know whether it’s easy to get a job in Tanzania

Thank you for contacting us.To begin with,Tanzania has numerous job opportunities for fresh graduates as well as experienced graduates. Getting a job in this country is very easy iff you follow the advice I am about to give you.

Since competition is increasingly becoming high, there is a need for students to do everything in their disposal to excel in education. The first step, therefore, is to make sure you score good grade in college so that you can get internship in a top company or at least get employed during graduate trainee process.

Before you join college, you should be aware which are the best courses in Tanzania. And from latest statistics,the following degree programs are topping in terms of marketability.

  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Bachelor of commerce
  • Economics and statistics
  • Engineering courses
  • Education
  • Human resource
  • Journalism and mass communication

The degree course you pursue plays a significant role in determining you career advancements. It is important to identify degree courses trending in your country.

Another factor that will enable you get a job earlier than your peers is whether you pursued a professional course on top of the degree. Professional courses in your respective degree specialization are very necessary. If you are studying business courses,ACCA and CFA are the best professional certification.

Finally,there is need for professional experience. As a student make sure you go for internships, even without pay,so that you can accumulate experience to help you secure employment.