Is Master of Business Administration (MBA) Marketable in Kenya


Everyone in Kenya who feels that pursuing MBA in our local universities to get a job is mistaken.MBA is now flooded, and few employers give it first priorities when employing fresh and experienced graduates.

However, the course has some space in the financial sector since some companies prefer MBA graduates to those graduates with technical skills like Engineering and Actuarial Science.MBA graduates are considered as professional with skills that can help companies to come up with policies aimed at fulfilling the companies’ goals.

One of the most tragic things that happened over the past 10 years is that people realized that employers were looking for MBA graduates. Everyone rushed to study the course, leading to oversupply of MBA graduates in Kenya. It is unfortunate that in the modern Kenya, out of 3 masters holders 1 is an MBA graduate.

With the current alarming rate of unemployment, many MBA graduates are sleeping on their certificates. It is estimated that only 3 out of 10 fresh MBA graduates end up being absorbed in the job market, the rest end up pursuing private businesses.

Never be discouraged, though, because there is one secret that employers don’t tell job seekers. Having interacted with some of them, they confide on me that they highly value MBA holders from USA, Canada, Australia, UK and South Africa. They (employers) believe that graduates from such countries have the required skills to lead big corporations.

One of the easiest ways to penetrate the highly competitive field of business is to enroll for either ACCA or CFA.These two courses are highly marketable in Kenya, and can lead you to multinational corporations.

A course like CFA is the most popular world over. Instead of pursuing MBA, you can consider enrolling for MBA.