Is Project Management Marketable in Kenya


Project Management is a course suitable for people working in NGO, UN and government institutions as Statisticians, monitoring and evaluation officers, project managers, IT officers, Engineering, Accountants, Auditors, Data Managers and related duties.

Project management is a very rewarding course in Kenya where by the lucky few end up earning up to Ksh 1 million when assigned duties to perform for the government and multinationals.

Project managers are responsible for designing projects and monitoring them from initial stages to completion. They are also involved in budgetary estimations. These people are, therefore, very important when it comes to project design, execution and evaluation. Without them, not much will be done.

The course is very good when to pursue it at Masters Level, because at this point you know what direction your career will take.

I usually advice guys to take Masters in Project Management when they are already employed, because this is when you can climb your career ladder faster than you anticipated.