Is Sales and Marketing Marketable in Kenya


Sales and Marketing is that course you can pursue in any Kenyan college or university and be assured of securing a job.

There has been a debate on whether the course is real marketable, where several form four leavers argue that since there are so many graduates with the same qualification, there is no need of pursuing the course. But we can assure you today that this is one of the few courses you can pursue in Kenya and fail to remain jobless for the rest of your life.

The goodness with sales and marketing course is that, even if the salary might be lower than what you anticipate, you will always get something to cling on. Almost all institutions in business are either selling products or marketing services. These institutions will not survive without sales department.

Normally when sales graduates are employed, without prior work experience, their salaries can go as low as Ksh 10, 000, or they simply get commissions for every product they sell. But when their services are noticed, they are paid more than average employees.

Sales and marketing is a very rewarding job in Kenya, especially for people who are talented in convincing customers. For instance, I personally know someone earning Sh 1.1 million from commissions alone in one of the leading insurance companies in Kenya. But the route to success in this competitive profession lies squarely on your ability to sell more and create a significant impact.

If you manage to reach managerial position, you will end up earning not less than Sh 500,000 per month, and it’s hard to lose your job.