Is witchcraft real?


There has been a controversy on whether witchcraft is real? This scenario comes after many Christians find it irresistible to visit witch doctors especially in countries where witchcraft is rampant.

This situation is triggered by the fact that many people out there are on a mission to kill you or slow you down.As a result, people end up in witch doctors’ houses to seek protection.

In most cases the charm works, but in some cases it fails to do its work.

When comparing the power of witch doctor and God, it is believed that the power of God is superior but sometimes when a Christian does not have enough faith, he ends up being consumed by the witch doctors. That’s why in most cases you find somebody had been bewitched to the extent of being killed, and to make it worse you find this was a Christian.

Witchcraft is only constructive when it helps the society to prosper, but in most occasions it’s destructive.

Witchcraft helps but not when you want to win a football match or war.

What witchcraft is well known for is taking an individual’s life, making somebody insane, taking one’s eyesight, breaking marriage, healing some chronic diseases, making somebody lose interest in something.

Witchcraft cannot resurrect anybody.

Research shows that Kenya. Nigeria, India, Cameroon, Tanzania, Gambia, Nepal, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Indonesia.