Jobs for Secondary (High)  School Leavers and School Dropouts in India


Secondary School leavers and schools dropouts are in India are people who don’t possess certificates which are issued beyond high school. Though most employers prefer diploma and degree holders, there are several jobs secondary school leavers can do in India.

Front Office/Receptionist/secretaries

There are several companies in India that employ front office and receptionists and don’t consider qualifications as long as an individual knows how to handle customers.

Small companies that avoid spending much on salaries usually employ secretaries who are secondary school leavers.


To be an electrician, you only need basic skills, which a secondary school graduate can acquire.


Drivers all over the world don’t need education past high school, what they need is a driving license.

Security officers

As long as you are physically fit and you possess at least primary school education, you are fit to join any security company.

Carpenter / Joiners Mason / Builder

Carpenters need basic technical skills and not a diploma certificate. This is one job that require talent as opposed to skills from class. A primary school dropout can easily do this job with precision.

Office Messenger

Office messengers work in offices as they are instructed to deliver percels,make tea for workers and also do any other job assigned by bosses. This job is mostly done by people who didn’t finish school.

Motorcycle rider

When you are hired as a motorcycle rider to transport people and luggage, the employer is not interested in what you scored in school. Even if you failed, you can get the job.


People who serve beer in several bars in India don’t possess qualifications beyond high school, most of them are school dropouts.


Over 90 percent of waiters in Indian hotels possess just high school certificates meaning the jobs are reserved for either school dropouts or high school leavers.

Shop attendants

Shop attendants too don’t need diploma or degree courses.

Construction workers

There are two types of construction workers, those who have degrees and school dropouts. School dropouts are not specialists but people who help in doing donkey work.