Jobs for secondary School Leavers and School Dropouts in Nigeria


Most Companies in Nigeria prefer people with university degrees when employing professionals because the number of university graduates is too big that school drop outs and secondary school leavers don’t get a chance to join the job market, but there are several jobs suitable for this group.

Not everyone can get a chance to join university, which is why some jobs are specifically for school dropouts and secondary school leavers.


To be a driver in Nigeria you don’t need a university degree-all you need is a secondary school certificate and a driving license.

Office Secretaries

Majority of the companies employ people with diploma in secretarial studies, but there are a number of companies that employ secondary school leavers.

Some of the manufacturing firms and small companies which avoid spending on salaries prefer employing people who don’t possess many academic papers so as to spend less on salaries.

Sales Representatives

Many companies in Nigeria are only interested in selling their products, not how big is your CV.What matters to these companies is what the employee can bring to them and not fat CV.At entry level, high school leavers and school dropouts are often given a chance to work in various companies as sales representatives.

Nigeria military/police

Nigeria Military makes it very easy for individuals who possess secondary school certificates to join the force. In fact, if you have a diploma or degree chances of joining the police or military are slim.

The military recruit annually, which is good for school drop outs and secondary school leavers.

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agents re individuals who manage premises for apartment owners. This job does not require university degree but a secondary school certificate.

Bartender/Waiter or waitress

Bartenders are people who serve alcohol to customers while waiters and waitress serve drinks and tea in hotels.

This work need someone who can speak and write in English-a university degree is not necessary.


Housekeepers are individuals who take care of homes when the owners are not around. You even don’t need a secondary certificate to get this job.


Messengers deliver parcels and do manual jobs in offices. This job need basic education only, primary school education is enough.

Motorcycle Rider

Honestly,do you need a degree to be a motorcycle rider?

Supermarket attendant/shop attendant

Supermarket attendant are people who ensure shelves are stocked and also ensure everything is okay when customers enter and leave the supermarket. To get the job you need a secondary certificate only.