Jobs with salaries of over R 20,000 per month in South Africa. Highest paying careers.


If you want to eat well, sleep well and attract as many friends as possible, there are specifics careers you should take. Such careers pay at least R 20,000 per month and are considered best in South Africa. I you have no idea; these are the highest paying careers in South Africa.

Airline Pilot, Copilot, or Flight Engineer

Airline pilot earns at least R30, 000 per month in South Africa. An independent survey conducted in SA reveals that a captain earns at least R500, 000 per year while a graduate fresh from college earns average of R 25,000 per month.


An actuary is a professional who model risks and uncertainties in the insurance and finance sectors. This individual must pursue professional actuarial papers in order to be recognized as an Actuary. Several companies in South Africa pay qualified actuaries up to R 600,000 per year.

I should warn you that the actuarial professional papers are not easy.

Software Engineer

If I were a student this is the course I could enroll for. Software engineering is very rewarding in SA.You can not only employ yourself but also win lucrative tenders with multinationals if you are good in programming.

The average salary of a software engineer is R 30,000 per month. There are, however, several companies that pay these professionals up to R 50,000 per month

Chief accountant

Accounting is a lucrative profession world over. In South Africa the average salary of a senior accountant is R 35,000 per month while a junior accountant earns average salary of R 18,000

With a degree in commerce or business administration and ACCA certificate, you will earn over R 30,000 in top audit and accounting companies.

Petroleum Engineers

Petroleum engineers work in oil exploration companies. Their average salary is R 45,000 per month.

If you want to join the career, then enroll for degree in oil and petroleum exploration

Financial Analysts

Financial analysts pursue Chartered Financial Analyst professional course which is offered by the institute of Chartered Financial Analyst.

If you are fortunate enough to complete the three levels,then chances of earning in excess of R 50,000 per month are very high.

Computer and Information Systems Managers

For those fortunate to possess degree in computer science and professional qualification in software development, earning at least R50,000 is not a miracle.

The world is changing as technology takes over. The demand for computer information experts has soared.


As a lawyer you have to chest thump because there is huge potential of earning even more than a senior government employee. The average salary of an experienced lawyer in popular law firms in Kenya is R 60,000 per month.

Air Traffic Controllers

The safety of passengers in planes is paramount-a small error can cause huge losses. That is why Air Traffic Controllers are highly renumerated in South Africa.

Most Air Traffic Controllers earn average salary of R 30,000 per month.


There is nobody important in any country like a doctor or any other health professionals. A health and progressive country need motivated doctors, which is why South Africa will stop paying everybody except doctors. The average salary of a doctor here is R 45,000 per month.

Civil Engineers

If you are a civil engineer, experienced and on demand, just ask for R 35,000 per month in case you are asked to quote the salary in a job interview.

Senior HR professionals

No big  organization will survive without HR professionals.Experienced HR professionals in SA earn up to R50,000 per month.Those lucky to work with multinationals are smiling all the way to the bank.