Kemri Kilifi Kenya  Statisticians and Data Analysts Interview Questions


Kemri Kilifi offer jobs to statisticians and Data analysts on regular basis. What happens during interview is that you are presented with two types of interviews:

  • Psychometric tests
  • Oral interview

Candidates usually start with psychometric interview, which takes at least 45 minutes. The interview questions are pulled direct from high school while others are pulled from college.

If you have basic knowledge of statistics and you can be able to tackle the questions with speed, there are high chances you will pass the interview.

Oral interview takes at least 10 minutes, and the questions asked by interviewers are based on what you are going to do.I can advise you to read the job responsibilities and competency section in the job application, then frame possible interview questions from the section.

If you want to pass the psychometric questions, make sure you only answer what you are sure of, avoid answering any question you doubt the answer. Speed also matters-ensure you finish in time.