Kenya Power Salaries


Kenya power is one of the best paying parastatals in Kenya. In fact among the few companies in Kenya that pay fresh graduates salaries of over Sh 100,000.

In Kenya power, the lowest paid employee earns at least Ksh 30,000.These are individuals with just a certificate in engineering, front office or soft courses.

Engineers at Kenya Power earn a starting salary of over Sh 120,000.There are even diploma holders who earn more than Sh 100,000 per month.

The lowest paid are individuals who are not employed on permanent basis, but once you are in the pay roll as permanent employee then your case is sorted.

Senior Managers at Kenya Power earn in excess of Sh 500,000 per month, which excludes allowances.

One of the most important things to note about Kenya Power is that getting a job there is not easy. Since most people are aware the company pays well, lobbying is intensive during recruitment, but there are few cases where individuals are employed genuinely.