Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Monthly Income Tax Brackets


Kenya Revenue Authority is mandated with collecting tax of any kind in Kenya. The institution collects Income tax, PAYE, Value Added Tax and Customs Duty.

Income tax is charged on people who conduct business or are earning regular income from activities deemed suitable for taxation.

The following is the tax brackets for people earning income in respective categories.

Monthly Taxable Income              Tax Rate

KSh0 – KSh10,165                              10%

KSh10,165 – KSh19,741                     15%

KSh19,741 – KSh29,317                     20%

KSh29,317 – KSh38,893                   25%

KSh38, 893 and Above                     30%

Note that the tax brackets might change any time. We will however update the figure once they change.

If you have a business, above is the tax you will be paying.






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