Kinsta is The Best Managed WordPress Hosting for Websites with Heavy Traffic,This is My Personal Experience

Kinsta is The Best Managed WordPress Hosting for Websites with Heavy Traffic,This is My Personal Experience

Kinsta is a new player in Managed WordPress Hosting environment but the company has taken the market by storm,it has now been ranked the best web hosting company for websites with heavy traffic.

There are many factors which make Kinsta the best despite being one of the most expensive web hosting companies in the world. Hosting your website at Kinsta will ensure your website loads in less than 3 seconds, hence increasing your Google ranking. User experience is paramount, and that’s why Google changed their algorithm some years back to ensure only websites with high loading speed are ranked best.

Kinsta came in to fix the gap that was left by giant companies which are more concerned with money rather than satisfying their customers. This company utilizes latest technology to ensure your website loads faster than others hosted by competitors.

The second reason why Kinsta is the best is the fact that even if your website receives traffic spikes, it won’t go offline. This is the reason why I migrated one of my viral websites from another hosting company to Kista.At one time the number of readers who were trying to access my site simultaneously increased from 100 to 300, forcing my website to go offline for 24 hours. I lost $ 8,000 as a result of this. The following morning I contacted Kinsta and they agreed to host my website. Since then I have not experienced issues. My website has also managed to rise in Google rank to become one of the most visited in the country.

Kinsta charges $100 per month for websites which receive between 10,000 to 30,000 daily page views,but all this depend on how you utilize your bandwidth. If your images are few, you have blocked comments and you are using CloudFlare,your website will be efficient in terms of bandwidth utilization.

If your daily page views range between 30,000-60, 000,you can start with the $200 monthly package.If your daily page views range between 50,000-100,000,you can try the $300 monthly package.

From my side, I would strongly recommend you migrate to Kinsta.

Oh,I was almost forgetting, if you visit Kinsta website, you will notice that they help you migrate your websites, something that many web hosting companies avoid.

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