Kinsta Review—Here is my Experience


Kinsta is so far the best web hosting company for viral websites. Since we have been hosting our 5 websites, I would like to give my honest review and my experience so far.

Sometime this year, I got frustrated with a web hosting company, which had previously presented itself as the best in the industry. Due to my frequent frustrations, I decided to do thorough research on the best web hosting company for my viral blog, happened that I was a regular reader of one of the most popular bloggers blog. In the opinion,the blogger advised that through many web hosting companies have the capacity to host viral blogs, he is pleased with services Kinsta are offering. He strongly advised bloggers to consider migrating their sites to Kinsta.

By the time I was reading the information, my blogs were down and I had received several messages from my regular readers, who appeared equally frustrated. Since I was in a hurry and ready to pay any amount as long as I am comfortable, I decided to move all my websites to Kinsta.The most exciting thing I found about Kinsta is that they helped me with the migration process, unlike other hosting companies that advise you to look for experts to migrate your site. I also found their customer service excellent-imagine in a chat, the most I could wait was 3 minutes.

After I contacted Kinsta, they told me to provide necessary information to facilitate the migration process.I did as they told me.Surprisingly,within 20 minutes my sites were running on Kinsta servers.

My experience at Kinsta

So far,I am one of the happiest clients of Kinsta.I can now see value for my money and always sleep soundly knowing that my websites’ 100% uptime is guaranteed.

What excites me more is that they guys at kinsta are extremely considerate. In fact,there was a time I was unable to pay my monthly subscription due to an issue I had with my bank,I explained to Kinsta representatives and considered my case.My sites were not suspended due to the challenge and I was neither penalized. This shows us  the kind of relationship kinsta builds with their customers—it’s like a family.

All my websites are now hosted at Kinsta and I don’t have a plan to migrate them anyway. I can rate them 100%.